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Sunday, June 22, 2014

[Good] Top Bachelor Destinations in the World

[Good] Top Bachelor Destinations in the World - The precious era of bachelorhood stays with us only until we say ‘I Do’. As a bachelor we thrive to fulfill all the burning desires of a heart, travel to places where we can meet people alike, and party in wild places known as the bachelors den. The best 5 rocking bachelor destination I Asia are:

Bangkok: One word to describe this mischievous city is “wow”! It is the ultimate bachelor destination in Asia. The surreal parties, the flashy nightlife, and seductive girls that are too happy to spend the night with you, etc are all the essentials of the bachelorhood. Thus, booking Bangkok packages from India through the internet would be an idyllic bachelorhood choice.

Maldives: Think about spending a tantalizing vacation with just your friends in an archipelago of eerie islands. Discover your true self by exploring the wild side of life with a bang. Try out the adrenaline kicking water sports, party whole day in an isolated island in Maldives.

Bali: Surprisingly the city of temples is emerging as one of the poplar bachelor destinations. The notorious Seminyak holds the real action. The street-style pubs, amazingly adorned girls, ear-piercing music, and  mind-blowing drinks are the essence of this place.

Ho Chi Minh City: An idealistic place for cheap boozes and a tantalizing party atmosphere is perched in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The more narrow the neon-lit street the more vivacious party ambiance. Drink and dance to the tunes of ear-smashing music with a lovely girl by your side.

Phuket: Best word for this haven is ‘the city that never sleeps’! it is the Las Vegas of Asia. Get high on drinks, and party like an animal just by booking 4 nights Bangkok tour package.
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