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Monday, June 23, 2014

[Cool] Old Manali Village Suitable for a Vacation

[Cool] Old Manali Village Suitable for a Vacation - Housed over the Himalayans in the state of Himachal Pradesh is a charming hill station called Manali. Manali, known for its tranquil beauty and glamorous natural splendor, has been upgraded over the years, but we still quite like the freshness of the subtle old Manali a bit more. There is dearth of places to visit in Manali, but it is the old Manali which captures the attention of tourists.

Old Manali Village Suitable for a Vacation

The infinite salivating apple orchards and old fashioned guest houses are the focal attraction of this majestic hill station, and so are the stunning locales and the mischievous rivers. One can spend an entire day amidst the jaw-dropping beauty of old Manali, exploring the haven of endless treasures. The aromatic cafes are draped in the colors of unusual art forms, and serves varied flavors of coffee.

The friendly waters and free marijuana are quite an attraction of the cafes. Tourists could also divulge in the mouthwatering cuisines like Spanish, Irish, Indian, Jewish and Italian. Also one should try out the Yak cheese, available in select cafes. Manali houses beautiful Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries. A day in old Manali gets even better at the main street, where shoppers offer hand knitted woolen wear, dresses and accessories at great prices. These streets are bargain-prone, so one just needs to price the product correctly before purchasing.

Old Manali offers great housing facilities and mouth-watering cuisines at cheap prices, thereby, making it an inevitable tourist destination. The best time to visit Manali is during the months of May to October, when old Manali shimmers in the charismatic beauty of Mother Nature.
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