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Saturday, May 31, 2014

[Strange] Resorts in Arambol Beach Goa With Cool View

Resorts in Arambol Beach Goa With Cool View - A lot has been said and written about the popular beaches like the Anjuna and the Baga. But if you wish to check out a very energetic and wild beach, then go for Arambol. Arambol Beach is associated with the hippie culture of Goa, simply because it does not seem to follow any rule or regulation. It is Bohemian in its true spirit and has been, for decades, a happy den for tourists from different pockets of the world. With Goa tour package, you must slip in this beach in the itinerary. Unlike other beaches which have a predictable quality to them, the Arambol Beach will actually leave you mesmerized and awe-struck with its bagful of surprises.

Resorts in Arambol Beach Goa

While the ambience of this beach is the best thing about it, you surely cannot miss out the placid sea waters and a hidden saccharine lake. If you ever wanted to play the game of treasure hunt, it is here that you must fulfill your desires. Strolling along the shores, you are bound to stumble onto things you think had no right to be on a beach in the first place. It is here that you will run into a stout banyan tree which stands mutely like a true guardian angel watching over the mischievous sea. There is also a very fine sculpture which was once made by an American artist and has acquired a cult reputation over the years. It is as much symbolic as it is beautiful.

Those wild parties also keep happening here and many of them are impromptu. So, a high number of Goa carnival packages are also including Arambol in the schedule to lure potential tourists. It is a pity that the Arambol does not make it to the top of the popularity list when we talk of Goa beaches, but perhaps its seclusion is a blessing in disguise. Many people just discover this beach through serendipity, only to come back again and again.

As for food, Arambol is not the best place for sprawling luxurious dinners. It is rather a place where you can snuggle in at the shacks and indulge into snacks while watching the sun. German, Italian, Israeli- you can run through a sumptuous list of eclectic cuisines. Arambol, for all that it has and for all that it doesn’t, is amongst the most memorable of all beaches you will find in Goa. We rest our case.

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