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Saturday, May 31, 2014

[Wow] Khajuraho Temple Architecture Sculpture With Elegant View

Khajuraho Temple Architecture Sculpture With Elegant View - The temples of Khajuraho are counted amongst the top tourist places in India. When one talks about the most popular temples in the country, the ones in Khajuraho always find a mention. They are not only extremely popular for their unique architecture, but have also acquired an iconic status on a global scale. UNESCO has marked them as a heritage site, thereby lifting their prominence further. One of the major reasons why Khajuraho temples have always been under the spotlight is its architecture which has depicted erotica in the boldest form possible and through various sexual acts rendered perfectly in stone.

The great thing is that despite the erotic nature of these temples, they will never make you squirm or feel embarrassed. There is what they call an element of aestheticism in these stones and they do make for a perfect exhibition of art for backpackers and photographers.

Situated in the Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho Temples are sprawled splendidly on a barren piece of land with the sun and the sky forming a magnificent backdrop. The distance from Delhi is a little over 600 km but one can always travel conveniently via India holiday packages.

A small note on the origin of these temples also deserves a place. These temples were constructed around the 11th century and credit for them has to be given to the rulers of Chandela dynasty. However, initially, a total of 85 such temples were designed. But we lost most of them and now only 22 of them stand stout.

Each of the temples is colossal and has smart layering done upon it. Multiple tiers of erotic carvings adorn each of these buildings and they deservingly receive heavy footfalls throughout the year. Though such tourist places in India can always be visited round the year, it is ideal to skip visiting them during the summer time when the mercury level in central India can go very high.

The temperature relents a bit after September and continues to stay low till the end of March. For the beautiful concoction of art, history and architecture, the temples of Khajuraho are getting top priority in many of the India holiday packages.

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  1. The Khajuraho temples are known not so much for their religious predilection but for the exquisite erotic sculptures that are etched on the temple walls.

  2. This is real India and real beauty a must visit place for everyone and they have some of the most beautiful sculptures and the best way to travel around this places is by bus booking.