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Saturday, May 31, 2014

[fabulous] Experience Dubai Shopping Festival 2014 Like in Heaven

Experience Dubai Shopping Festival 2014 Like in Heaven - Is it just the magic of Dubai Shopping Festival or is it true that some people have all the luck? An Indian tailor called Fasaludheen Kuttipalakkal already had a premonition that this year may truly belong to him. The guy has been purchasing the raffle ticket at this prestigious shopping festival for the past 12 years without winning a coin. But barely three days ago, he became a father to a beautiful daughter, and something within him told him that his little bundle of happiness will bring him that much-needed luck. So, he not just scooped up a whopping sum of Dh 100,000 cash money but also strolled out with two Infiniti cars- QX60 and G25.

Experience Dubai Shopping Festival 2014 Like in Heaven

Dubai Shopping Festival event which can overnight turn you a millionaire. His story is nothing short of a rags-to-riches fairy tale. A humble tailor with a modest income, he now suddenly finds himself basking in limelight and counting a sum he possibly never dreamed of having.

At 33, a long life lies ahead of him. It has been a decade since he moved to Dubai and has been buying the Raffle ticketeach year. He credits his daughter for bringing good fortunes to him. There couldn’t be a better start to the New Year. Dubai Shopping Festival 2014 will be on till 2ndFebruary. So, you can still make it to the city and partake in the festival. Who knows you may win something really big?

With prices of international holidays going down, this can also be a great opportunity to plan a quick Dubai tour. Frankly, one must not let such opportunities pass. Who knows you may not get the time or the chance to head for a Dubai holiday in the future. As they say, make hay while the sun shines!

The daily Raffle ticket comes at the Gold souks at the top malls for a price of Dh200. You can also buy a ticket from the Global Village or from certain EPPCO petrol stations and ENOC. Since, it is a daily ticket, the festive season witnesses multiple winners.

The Dubai Shopping Festival encourages a shopping culture which has become a part and parcel of life in the city. Locals and tourists alike relish this festive season when heavy discounts can be availed and there is a strong likelihood of getting a steal haul.

Coming back to our lucky winner, Fasaludheen Kuttipalakkal is now looking forward to a secure future. The sum is huge and he has also plans to help his friends who weren’t as lucky after all. He also wants to fulfill his long-standing dream of building a home in Kerala in south India.

As for you, you can either sulk back at home or give it a shot by booking your international holidays and rushing to Dubai before the festival comes to a close.

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