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Thursday, June 5, 2014

[Cool] Planning Honeymoon Activities and Holiday in Bali

[Cool] Planning Honeymoon Activities and Holiday in Bali - Bali honeymoon packages can script the perfect start to your marital journey. Sure, you will have to go through the trials and tribulations of your monotonous routine in the future and there will be the occasional squabbles between you two. But for the time being, you just need to start on a brighter note and we don’t think you can do any better than catching a flight to Bali.

Planning Honeymoon Activities and Holiday in Bali 

For all we know, there are enough reasons for you to set your eyes on this island destination. Since time is less and we are lazy, we would limit them to five and rattle them off in quick succession. So, here we go:

Kuta Beach: Bali, even a fool would tell you, is one of the most popular beach destinations in Asia and has quite a few top-notch beaches to its name. But if you had to find one near-perfect beach which can make your day and make your trip, then it has got to be Kuta. Kuta Beach is ranked one in popularity, crowd count, ambience and nightlife. It is hard to resist its temptation, especially if you happen to be in the mood to romance.

Privacy: Bali despite all the reputation it has gathered is pretty much a secluded destination. Cut off from the rest of the continent, this island allows you plenty of free space to walk hand in hand, to just sit and stare at the sinking sun or to plant a peck (or more) at your partner’s face. Back to hotels, you can expect privacy and luxury of the highest kind.

Sports and Adventure: Most of the honeymoon packages from India which are framed these days include sports and adventure spots so that the young couples can get some adrenaline kicking in their bodies. Bali is noted for scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling among others.

Excellent weather: The last thing you would want on your honeymoon is for the weather to play spoilsport. While some of the tourist destinations have a highly unpredictable weather (like London) or extremely unfriendly weather (like Egypt), Bali presents a smiling sunny face round the year.

Sightseeing and Shopping: Bali honeymoon tour packages come complete with sightseeing and shopping. The joy of running through the temples and landmarks followed by a shopping & dining session and finishing on a high note with a steamy spa massage is incomparable. Truly incomparable!
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