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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[Wow] About the Wildlife in Goa : Madhei Sanctuary

[Wow] About the Wildlife in Goa : Madhei Sanctuary - Situated in the Western edge of India’s map, Goa is among the tourist hotspots in the country, especially because of its picturesque coastlines. Stunning beaches offering endless scopes for relaxation and recreational activities, vibrant nightlife, traditional music, dance and magnificent cuisine together make Goa a charming vacation venue.

About the Wildlife in Goa : Madhei Sanctuary

But beaches are not the only attractions in Goa. The coastal state has got a lot more to offer to visitors. Visiting the historic forts of Aguada, Chapra and Tiracol and spots like Dudhsagar Falls and the wildlife sanctuaries are the best things to do in Goa. There are several wildlife sanctuaries in different parts of the state that you can make a shirt trip to but a visit to Madhei Wildlife Sanctuary is a must. Situated along the Western Ghats in the North of Goa, Madhei Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to Bengal tigers and is on its way to become a Project Tiger tiger reserve.

Administered and maintained by the Goa Forest Department, the sanctuary is divided into 16 beats and it offers a great four-wheel vehicle safari. Apart from Bengal Tigers, members of the sanctuary include black panther, sloth bear, sambhar deer, Indian gaur, barking deer, Asian palm civet, ruddy mongoose, giant squirrel, flying squirrel, jungle cat and many more. Madhei Widlife Sanctuary includes a special bird zone. 

Named as International Bird Area, the zone is home to birds of globally threatened species, restricted-range species and Biome restricted species. One can catch on binocular glimpses of Nilgiri Wood pigeon, Grey Hornbill, White-Bellied Blue-Flycatcher, Grey-headed Bulbul and much other ‘winged’ beaty. If you are a wildlife lover then visiting the sanctuaries should be one of the top things to do in Goa for you.
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