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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Delicious Goan Cuisine Products for Pampering Your Self

Delicious Goan Cuisine Products for Pampering Your Self - The state of Goa that never sleeps have to compliment it intimidating environment with exotic treats that is rooted to the Goan culture, hence, Goa offers some amazing mouthwatering traditional cuisine. While rice and fish forms the part of casual cuisine the Goan cuisine is all about aromatic spices and sea food.

The impregnable ingredient in any Goan cuisine is chilly which makes the food spicy and drooling. The sea food specialties, the main Catholic cuisine, includes varieties of shell fish like crabs, prawns, lobsters, mussel and squid dipped in fresh hot spices. Also chicken, pork and beef dishes are popular ingredients of the Catholic cuisine turning into dishes like vindaloo, chamucas, arroz doze and xacuti.

Delicious Goan Cuisine Products for Pampering Your Self

The Hindu Goan cuisine is a delicious blend of vegetables, bamboo shoots, cottage cheese and lentils all cooked in coconut oil, cooked into salivating bhajis. Hindu cuisine also includes fish and chicken curries and rice is the prime element.

Bhaji-pao is the traditional Goan breakfast, a simple plate of coconut flavored stew vegetables with the common Goan bread called pao. Locals consume fresh fish curry and rice for lunch and dinner and vegetables like lentils and bhajis with rice are casual for vegetarians.

Bebinca, a pudding, is the utmost vital dessert dish of Goan cuisine among other sweet delicacies. Different variations of bebinca are prepared called batica during Christmas. Also lassi, the Hindu specialty drink is famous in Goa.

The best time to visit Goa is during winters when you can take the maximum pleasures out of the drooling traditional Goan cuisine. So don’t forget to book Goa tour packages while planning your next Christmas holiday.
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