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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

[Cool] Mumbai Darshan Places List for Your Holiday

Morning @ Gateway of India
[Cool] Mumbai Darshan Places List for Your Holiday - Okay, so you do not have time? Did you say that you are short on money? Huh, that is no acceptable reason for not touring Mumbai! This city of mayanagri can be toured in just one day! Yes, you heard it right (I don’t quite have the habit of joking with unknown people)! The happening city which is electrifyingly active like a livewire can be enjoyed in just a day. These days, the tour planners are getting quite smart. Hence, they are offering attractive packages and deals which allow both locals and tourists to sight-see in and around Mumbai in just one day.

Mumbai Darshan Places List for Your Holiday

& Regal Cinema Circle

When you are on such a trip, you will be exhausted by the end of the day (but happily so). This whirlwind trip will neither consume your time nor will it strip you off money. Convenient and economic, a 1-day Mumbai darshan can be enjoyed with your friend, lover, wife or neighbor (choose your partner at your own risk).

Noon Koli Fishing Village
After noon @ Victoria Terminus

Places to visit in Mumbai in one day would include behemoth names like the Gateway of India, Haji Ali Mosque, Marine Drive, Siddhivinayak Temple, Colaba Causeway and Essel World. If you are on a date, then the city has some romantic spots to offer as well. Band Stand, Nariman Point, Chowpatty Beach, Madh Island, Seaface, Malad Aksa Beach, Powai Lake, Juhu and Arnala Beach are the best places to visit in Mumbai for couples.

Evening at Crawford Market
Night at Marine Drive

Though there are hotels and restaurants, it is recommended that you dig into street food to get the local flavor. Pav Bhaaji, bhel Puri, Gol gappa and Bada Paav should be on your plate as you eat yourself through this memorable Mumbai darshan. Wish it lasted for more than a day! If only!

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