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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tour Tips with The Lowest Budget in Thailand

Tour Tips with The Lowest Budget in Thailand - We have already established again and again that Thailand is amongst the top international destinations for Indians for more than one reason. First and foremost, it is the cheapest foreign destination and getting hold of a Thailand tour package can be a surprisingly affordable thing. Secondly, this country is safe. Despite the rather squalid reputation of cities like Pattaya for being the cradle of prostitution, cases of molestation are almost unheard of. Also, if your budget is really miniscule, this is probably the only country (other than India) which will have you!

To further, save your money, here are a few insider tips:

Do not travel in the months of December and January. These festive months tend to be the most expensive and even though the tariffs do not cross the line of decency, you are not going to get rates which you get in October-November or in February-March.

In thailand with low budget

If you are indifferent as to which direction to explore, you better stay put in northern Thailand which is cheaper than its southern counterpart. So, budget tourists prefer the cheaper hotels and inns in the north over the luxurious hotels in south.

But if you are dying to spend your major time in Bangkok, do not get disheartened. The city has nooks and corners where you can scout for low-cost hotels. The place called Khao San Road is considered as a major hub for budget tourists. Here, you can stay at hotels for a throwaway price and even come across other budget tourists from around the world.

Traveling, by general consensus, is not expensive in this country, but it can still give a rude shock to your budget bills if you are not careful. Avoid cabs and even tuktuks (the Thai auto rickshaws) unless you’re paying on a share-basis. The cheapest way to travel solo will be by bus or by train.

For food, stick to roadside stalls and budget restaurants. Meals and snacks are pocket-friendly but you may return broke if you indulge in alcohol. So, we recommend that you turn a teetotaler for the time being.

Last and certainly not the least, cut out all these computations and worries by choosing prepaid international travel packages.
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