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Thursday, June 5, 2014

[Wow] Best European Honeymoon Destinations

[Wow] Best European Honeymoon Destinations - Europe is the best continent when it comes to honeymoons. So, if you are looking for a romantic destination where you can fly off with your newly wedded, then there are many lovely cities out here which will satisfy you completely.

The top 5 European cities for a perfect honeymoon are enlisted below (in no ranking order):

Best European Honeymoon Destinations

Corfu, Greece: Corfu is growing in stature with each passing day. It is the rustic nature of the city and its lovely beaches which have lend this place an almost infallible reputation. For a honeymooner, there is perhaps no place more fulfilling than this one.

Paris, France: The French capital is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. So, it makes sense to spend your honeymoon in this city of lights. From the charm of the Eifel Tower to the elegance of the streets, Paris is comparable to no other city in the world.

London, England: London enjoys mammoth popularity owing to its heritage, royal lineage and traditions. Plus, there are many attractions which one can see in this city. Holiday packages abroad are woven especially to suit individuals longing to check certain selective attractions in this city.

Venice, Italy: Venice with its canals and gondolas is the ultimate city of romance. It is quite different a city from the rest. So, what you get is freshness which is exclusive to this destination. Venice is a marriage between history and beauty. Your time spend here will be time well spent.

County Clare, Ireland: You may not have even heard of this city, unless your geography is really good. But if you do not mind a dash of castles and vintage ruins, then spending a few days at County Clare would be the best thing you have ever done in your life. You can buy special holiday packages to travel to this city.

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